Green Weddings

green weddingsFor eco-aware couples who care about the environment and don’t want their wedding to “cost the earth” you have found your wedding photographers. At Matt Rowe Photography we choose the ‘green alternative’ whenever we can, we actively seek to green partnerships and work with integrity and a strong social conscience. Our conscious and consistent effort to reduce our own carbon footprint has resulted in us sourcing the most sustainable and incredibly beautiful wedding albums. 

Matt Rowe Photography is your green choice

  • Our environmentally friendly FSC Fine Art Wedding Albums* with museum grade archival characteristics are the perfect combination of professional quality and ethical choice- both characteristics that ensure your memories will be around for a long and positive future.    

  • We can facilitate carbon offsetting your wedding through Climate Friendly (how cool is that!)

  • At Matt Rowe Photography we use solar power to charge our equipment

  • Our professional photography studio is built from eco-efficient, sustainable straw bales

  • We choose to plant native plants (each reducing 1 tonne of CO2 in a life time) on the grounds to support our environment and reduce the impact our actions have

  • We use paperless options for our correspondence where possible

  • When we do print information, our choice is recycled paper

  • Our camera and flash batteries are rechargeable (reducing harmful waste and landfill)

  • We reuse our ink cartridges

  • We recycle all office paper used (when necessary) and compost all green waste  

  • Economy of motion is employed when we travel (and we prefer to work from home to reduce travel costs to the environment)

  • We work in digital formats to reduce the impact on the earth through landfill created from film and harm to the environment due to chemical use from development  

  • We offset air travel costs when travelling to destination weddings  

  • We use on-line banking

By supporting the environment through the products we use, the spaces we create and the service we offer, we are in no doubt that your choice of having a true green wedding is supported.

Contact us now to discuss your green wedding plans.

*Our ‘Eco Fine Art Wedding Albums’ are the perfect solution with all papers used coming from FSC certified mills. These mills ensure that the harvest of timber maintains the forests’ biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes. Papers used have been sourced from mills in Italy, France, and the United Kingdom, and come with these recognised ISO standards.