Sunshine Coast Fine Art Wedding Albums

Albums tell the story of your day, they show insight into your connection, and they last as a testament of your relationship for many, many years to come.

We are driven by the emotion we capture: the tears shed by a dad when he first sees his little girl ready to take a new step in her life; a groom’s jaw drop when his bride appears; grandma clutching her handkerchief; the two of you on your couple’s shoot relishing and realising the enormity of the day – there is always a moment when you look at each-other and feel something like, ‘Holy, we did it!’, and we think that’s pretty cool! So we capture it, enhance it and present it in a timeless way so when you are “grandma clutching her handkerchief” or “dad seeing his little girl about to start a new chapter” you will be able to reflect and remember your own time – not just on a screen flicking through images, but as a story of a most auspicious time in your life.

Sunshine Coast fine art wedding albumsINTEGRITY

At Matt Rowe Photography we work with integrity and flair to capture, edit and produce your wedding photography to a professional and polished standard. Your images are not bulk processed or sent to third parties for correction and enhancement – that’s our job, and we love it!


Your albums are designed in our studio with love and care. We know that you have trusted us with capturing and memories and moments of your special day and we accept the same trust in developing your photographic story of such a momentous occasion.


You are intricately involved in the album design process. While the spreads are designed by Matt Rowe Photography, it is important that you select what is valued and close to your heart. We meet together and finalise your album, allowing your input and selection of enhancements.



Our albums are Fine Art Professional and Archival quality. They come with a 20 or 30 page ‘starter’ (depending on your package) and we work together to create a finished album that you both love. Additional spreads are valued at $175.  

We are passionate about revealing your story through the images we capture and feel truly blessed for the privilege of being part of your wedding day.


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Sunshine Coast Fine Art Wedding Albums