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Maleny Manor Wedding PhotographerMelina and Michael held their gorgeous wedding in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Amidst the stormy skies their love shone through.

  • The Proposal: ‘Mel’s father Ernie was overseas with work at the time. Consequently, in order to seek both his and Diane’s blessing, I wrote them a letter explaining that I wanted to marry Mel and my reasons why. A few days later, Mel and I went out to dinner for our 7 year anniversary. It was raining heavily that night. After dinner I told Mel that I wanted to go for coffee at “a new place in Milton that was really good”. I then drove Mel to Suncorp Stadium and walked her, huddled under an umbrella, to the spot we were both standing when we first saw each other in 2007. The entire plaza was empty at the time and it was just us with the rain. I asked Mel, “Do you know why I’ve taken you here?” She (of course) started crying. I then gave Mel a rose and read her the letter I had given her parents, before getting down on one knee and proposing. I had bottle of champagne prepared and we stood having a glass together.’
    We met through mutual friends at a Brisbane Roar soccer game at Suncorp Stadium in 2007. (Which is ironic given Mel hates sport and never attends sporting events!)
    Wedding Photographer Maleny Manor‘We both have very similar core values (we are both family focused, both interested in travel and food) and a great love of cats….particularly our own. We both want the same things in life. Having been together since we were 21 and have been together through every step, learning and supporting each other through the challenges and milestones in life; studying, holidays, moving out of home (and then learning that Mel is a crazy control freak around the house!), career changes, getting a mortgage, renovating a house, getting fur babies and then FINALLY after 7 years getting engaged!’
    Wedding Photographer Maleny Manor
    Melina and Michael are such a special couple and they were so amazing in the face of rain and thunder on their wedding day. The truth about their wedding day remained about their connection and future with great respect to their family and friends. Wedding Photographer Maleny Manor

    Such happiness!

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