The Chapel Wedding Photographer

The Chapel Wedding PhotographerWe have the ‘typical’ high school sweet heart story! It became ‘official’ in Grade 9 when we were 14 years old. Simon asked me, “so do you wanna”, in the library at morning tea after a friend slipped that he was going to ‘ask me out’ on the bus that morning. The line, “so do you wanna” has stuck among our school friends and they like to remind us often… as it’s not the most romantic line! After 12 years together, Simon proposed on 31 Dec 2015 at a gorgeous spot around Beaver Lake, Stanley Park, Vancouver. It was New Years’ Eve and the first day of our month-long trip to Canada. The ring was burning an anxious hole in his pocket! It was a spectacular sunny day in the middle of winter where the sun made all the ice and snow on the trees and bushes glisten and the spot he choose had the sun coming through the trees to a glistening centre.The Chapel Wedding Photographer

We like to have fun with everything we do and are pretty agreeable most of the time… plus it helps that Simon is extraordinarily patient with me! We both love going to the snow, we’re movie addicts and Subway is our staple diet. Plus, add a cat on each lap and it’s bliss! •We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been together since Grade 9 and don’t know of anyone else who’s been together since this young •Our shared ability to never get sick of Subway •Our passion for our cats and how we commentate everything they do… and talk to them if no one else is home. Also, our complete acknowledgement of how tragically obsessed we are with our cats – there’s no hiding it! •Our mutual appreciation for neatness, presentation, spelling and grammar. •Our mutual intolerance for slow drivers!

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