Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Prices

There is much debate, and indeed speculation, about what is the appropriate value of Wedding Photography Packages. Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Prices vary a lot. And why is this you ask?

Put simply pricing and value are intricately connected. Those of us in the industry understand the time, education, investment into quality professional gear and the value of our brands. As photographers become recognised and their work subsequently valued, their esteem in the Industry and their reputation with brides and grooms rises.

Wedding Photography is not about finding the cheapest deal. Seriously, for such a special day, is it necessary to focus on ‘cheap’? Affordable is another element, because, let’s face it, we all have different incomes to draw on and budgets to work with. The word that I would encourage is actually “Value”. Does the style, experience, personality and products offered by your professional wedding photographer communicate Quality and Value? Value is a subjective term, we get that. On the Sunshine Coast we are blessed with many fantastic wedding photographers – each with their own unique style and personality – each with their own experience – and each with their own pricing and packages.

I’ve said before that I know it can be a mine-field of choice. I would sincerely love to think that brides and grooms are valuing their day together and focussing on the moments that will define that first “official” step. Yes, prices distinguish photographers. Take the time to look through portfolios. Read blogs and see the connection that each photographer has with their couples. Really get into the nitty gritty. It’s a record or a day, it’s the artwork to adorn your walls, it’s the stories you will tell your children and the albums you will pass down to them. We love what we do. We know it is important. We thank you for your trust. We look forward to the continuing relationship we will have.

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