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Sunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerNicola and Ty are married! Wahoo. Join us as we revisit the highlights of their divine wedding day with Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer – Matt Rowe.George Wu bridal gown Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer We met where all good love stories begin… at the Pub (Port Office Hotel to be exact). It was late on a Saturday night and I (Nicola) was just about to leave with my friends, when Ty & his mate approached me and caught my interest with a photo of a puppy they just “bought”. I was asked what name I liked, and I ended up picking the name Ty suggested. Me, being a naïve 19 year old at the time, was soon to find out that this “puppy” was merely a pickup line and no such puppy existed – much to my disappointment. However, Ty and I ended up really hitting it off that evening and the next day we went on our first date… the rest is history. Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Weddings at Tiffanys Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

We went on a trip to Tasmania. I had always wanted to go to this place in Lake St Clair called “Pumphouse Point” so we did. We stayed there for only one night as it was ridiculously expensive, but we were both blown away by how beautiful it was. After we had checked in to our room, I remember lying down on the couch and taking in the surroundings while Ty had disappeared into the bathroom for what seemed liked eternity. He finally emerged and came over and knelt down beside me holding a ring. Now, I initially thought he was having a joke and was actually about to get a little annoyed at him, when I did a double-take on the ring and soon realised he was being serious and this was all legit! The moment was all a bit of a blur after that to be honest, but he said some really lovely things to me and then asked me to marry him. I of course said yes! We were both so excited! He then explained to me that the reason he took so long in the bathroom was due to the fact that mum had stitched the ring into his undies, so he wouldn’t lose it and he was trying to get it out. He then preceded to tell me he had been wearing those same undies for three days as he was petrified of losing the ring. What a catch!

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer You do beautiful work! Why else?! We’ve been together for almost 8 years now and in that time we’ve both grown and matured a lot. We respect each other’s individuality and trust each other wholeheartedly, which continues to draw us closer together every day. We don’t take ourselves too seriously either – we constantly make each other laugh as there is definitely no shortage of banter in our relationship. Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Venue | Weddings at Tiffanys

Accomodation| Montville LakeTerrace

Make up Artistry by Lauren

Evalyn Parsons 

George Wu 

White Runway 

Will Valor 

Will Valor 

Tiffany’s Flowers 

Jarrad Bayliss 

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