Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography – Amie & Brad

Engagement photography on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Amie & Brad Web-1Amie and Brad are a strong and adorable couple blessed with a shared sense of humour and a united sense of fun. Photographing their engagement shoot in a ‘secret location’ on the beautiful Sunshine Coast was a blast.

Amie & Brad Web-3 Amie & Brad Web-4Amie’s make-up was done by the talented  KJ Artistry. We will often suggest planning your wedding make-up trial for your engagement shoot – why? you ask… ahh the answer lies here (click away).

Amie & Brad Web-6 Amie & Brad Web-7 Amie & Brad Web-9 Amie & Brad Web-12Sunshine Coast engagement photography doesn’t get much sweeter than these two now, does it?!

Amie & Brad Web-15 Amie & Brad Web-16 Amie & Brad Web-18 Amie & Brad Web-19This image is one of may favourites. I’m just loving blending a couple’s personalities with what the natural environment has to offer. Thank goodness we live in a little jewel of paradise with so much to offer as far as landscapes and seascapes. Photography is always a balance or light, subject and mood and here we have a lovely combination with some great balance of features. 

Amie & Brad Web-25

I know, I know… only put a few images. Just couldn’t help myself today- just love these engagement photos and this special couple. Looking forward to your wedding in August!

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