Spicer’s Clovelly Wedding | Monique and Matt

One stunning day for Monique and Matt at their Spicer’s Clovelly Wedding.

We met on an app called Happn. It just happened by chance that Matt was in town visiting his parents from Melbourne. The way the app works is that you have to be in the same geographical location for it to match you up. I just happened to be driving past near where he was staying at his sisters place. We matched and got talking, a few days later we met up. It was winter and when I pulled up in the Uber I thought a dodgy guy in a hoodie was about to get in and I nearly drove off. Glad I didn’t cause when he got in, it was literally love at first sight. We went for drinks that night and when I was in the bathroom I told my friend Mel that he was my future husband. Just like that – apparently when you know, you know!

We were holidaying in Tasmania and staying on the beautiful Bruny Island. We went across to the beach with some wine on our push bikes and thats where Matt asked. It was totally awkward and perfect all at the same time.

We compliment each other really well. Matt has an incredibly calm and loving disposition where as I can be fiery and quite bossy sometimes. Matt is totally chill go with the flow where as I am very driven type of person. In so many ways we balance each other and we always push the other forward. Very much a team and we put each other first always. We are both incredibly blessed and grateful to have found one and other.

All of it!! Just being there with all our friends and family its going to be such a beautiful day we really can’t wait. So happy we can have our Dogs there as well as they are such a huge part of our lives.

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Just such a stunning style, so unique and romantic. Matt seems to be able to capture moments in the most magical and artistic way. We want pictures that encapsulate us amongst the stunning landscape that we also happen to call home. I can’t wait to have the pictures on our walls!

Venue | Spicer’s Clovelly Estate

Sian Howard

Caitlin McCoullough

Mondo Foral

Lovebird Weddings