Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer’s pick: Melissa & Doug – Engagement Session

Truly, when it is time for these two to have their Sunshine Coast Wedding it will be sweet and meaningful – a photographer’s dream to be sure.

Ah… ready yourself for some true gorgeous-ness.

Mel & Doug-9w

Couples are identified by so many elements and qualities. I love that Melissa and Douglas are so obviously matched on so many levels. They share so much fun and laughter as well as obvious respect and genuine love. Ahhhh… perfection!

Mel & Doug-11wAn Engagement Shoot should be a lot of fun. Yes, it will be romantic and yes, you will learn some basic posing because we are sure you’d like to look your best on your wedding day!

Mel & Doug-15w Mel & Doug-30w Mel & Doug-31wOn a photo-shoot with our couples we do appreciate being privy to their interactions and banter. As Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers we also relish the trust placed in us to capture those nuances within the connection. Take these two for instance, who would have thought they met over the phone? It’s very cool to discover the lovely, the quirky and the fun!

Mel & Doug-38wSunshine Coast Wedding Photographer -Matt Rowe Photography