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Matt Rowe PhotographyJoin us for a magical intimate Montville Wedding.Mel and Phil 1Beautiful styling all under an artisan marquee – check these out at: Montville Yurts

Mel and Phil 2 Mel and Phil 3 Mel and Phil 4There is just something so special about intimate weddings.Mel and Phil 5 Mel and Phil 6 Mel and Phil 7 Mel and Phil 8 Montville Wedding Photographer Mel and Phil 10 Mel and Phil 11 Montville Wedding Photographer Mel and Phil 13 Mel and Phil 14You probably haven’t guessed it but the weather on this day was rather tricky. It is wonderful to know when the sun doesn’t shine like we thought that it would that the other elements can hold their own beauty and create magic as well. Montville Wedding PhotographerJust how gorgeous is Melanie’s custom made bridal gown by Marilyn Crystelle Bridal

Hair |Hair4Brides

Venue | Magical Malindi 

Montville Wedding Photographer | Matt Rowe Photography