Maleny Botanic Gardens – Wedding Photography – Taylor and Tristan

Maleny Botanic Gardens provided the sensational backdrop for Taylor and Tristan’s Sunshine Coast Wedding. With all their majesty the Glasshouse Mountains were certainly on display as these two love birds tied the knot.


A couple with an obvious connection to nature chose Sunflowers as their floral focus.


Colourful bridal shoes as quite a conscious fashion choice to maintain the theme and reflect the personalities of bride and groom (though boys tend do this with some styled-up socks!).



These are the moments life is about: Dad waiting to see his little girl ready to wed.


You can see the obvious strength of this father-daughter relationship by their emotion. Makes you warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

That’s what we are talking about!


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Yes, this is China the owl- ring bearer extraordinaire! I can’t think of a cooler way to deliver the symbols of your commitment than this. (He is quite photogenic, don’t you think?)

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_MRP0699 _MRP0780

_MRP5555 _MRP5582 _MRP5600 _MRP5619 _MRP5653 _MRP5655 _MRP5731If you value photography for your wedding then the Maleny Botanic Gardens really are a superb venue to check out!

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The above image was chosen by Taylor and Tristan as their wall art due the moment captured and the strength of the emotion they felt at this time.

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