Makeup – the beauty enhancer

My brother used to call it “The Big Regret”, you know that feeling after a rambunctious night out, where you were the master of your domain, your preferred gender and the entire dance floor? There is a moment somewhere between rolling off the couch and clambering to the kitchen sink (or toilet) where the flash-backs come. It’s a new world out there now, and in this situation I believe it is frightening. Flash-backs are now permanent and highly social, they are on networks before your eyes open. Before you work out where you are, everyone already knows where you’ve been and how you looked.

This is a post about the benefits of makeup for professional photography, but it needed to be said that nowadays your photos is likely to be taken multiple times and posted in the public domain, so get your makeup right – do a course, learn a few tips and (if you are at all like me -Amanda – then you probably should have sought professional guidance before wearing peach shimmer lipstick to school each day).

In the photography industry you have more control. A professional works with composition and light to create the desired outcome, yet the enhancement of awesome makeup can make a world of difference (and save hours of photoshop time).

Professional makeup artists are just that, they are artists. They too understand composition and light. Though their canvas is smaller (your face), the landscape may be one for the intrepid traveller. Photos are two-dimensional and this means the camera can potentially age subjects by enhancing dark, fine lines and wrinkles. Makeup artists have heaps of cool tips and tools; they can emphasize, de-emphasize or even simulate for the best overall effect. They are masters of their domain and we appreciate the great skill involved.

When having beautiful photos taken, whether it be your wedding, formal or family shoot… don’t experience the ‘big regret’ – hire a professional!

Makeup by KJ Artistry

Makeup by KJ Artistry