Louise loves Will | A faith-filled wedding

Matt Rowe PhotographyJoin us now as we share in the highlights of Louise and Will’s faith-filled wedding on a private estate at the Sunshine Coast. faith-filled wedding Ginger Lily Rose Ginger Lily Rose Ginger Lily Rose Ginger Lily Rose We met at our church, Goodlife Community Church in Buderim, and both have different memories of when we first met. Will remembers thinking Louise was nice and cute. Louise remembers being very excited that Will was a ginger farmer as Louise’s parents had recently sold their dairy farm in Victoria which she found very difficult, being very much a lover of farm life, the outdoors, and animals. But, we really got to know each other on a weekend camping trip with friends to DI. Louise’s ride in a friend’s 4WD fell through, so she asked Will if she could catch a ride with him, not realising that he only had a 3-seater ute and he had already agreed to take another mate. So, Louise ended up in Will’s Triton, squished between Will and one of her best mates, Rogues. Within an hour, Louise had the BIGGEST crush on Will! Every time the ute went around a bend and our arms brushed together, Louise had the shivers! Louise felt like a dizzy school girl. Will’s character blew her away. He was a down to earth, open the door for you, gentleman, but he was also so FUN, and super-cute! Camping that night, Louise got a total of about 2-3 hours sleep. Her head was wild with thoughts about Will. On the second day of the camping trip while all the crew were sitting on the beach or surfing, Will asked Louise to take a walk up to the top of the point at DI. Louise couldn’t believe it! On the walk, they got on so well. They sat down and chatted for ages about their families, the faith of their parents and grandparents, and God’s faithfulness to their families and in their own lives. In the end, this rather long walk made us late back from DI for church! The rest….as they say….is history!!

Will had the proposal planned on several different occasions…but the ring kept getting delayed by the jewellers. The first plan was when we went on a camping trip to DI with friends….the ring wasn’t ready…The second plan was a booking at a beautiful restaurant in Montville…the ring wasn’t ready….The third time….Will was sick of waiting for a right time….driving back from his place in Bli Bli to Louise’s place in Buderim one Sunday night in December 2016…. he randomly pulled over at Buderim Village Park. We sat down and looked at the view. Will was being a bit weird…making comments about the bats flying around…the beautiful pine trees…and a cruise ship…Will also couldn’t get the ring box out of his pocket so Louise started to realise what was happening. Will got down on one knee and popped the question…. Louise said “yes of course”. It was perfect…if Will had tried to plan anything dramatic Louise would have been too anxious-excited. :) We chose Matt Rowe Photography because Matt was the photographer for two sets of our close friends on their wedding days and his ability to combine natural lighting with positioning, landscape, and additional lighting when needed for that extra “pop” lead us to him initially. But then we met him, and we really liked his easy-going nature and sense of fun!