Kenilworth Homestead Wedding Photographer

Wowzers talk about a fusion of all things good. Kenilworth Homestead Wedding Photographer, Matt Rowe, and our second shooter, Candi, were in for a treat of cultures, thoughtfulness, beauty and (yes, you guessed it) a whole lot of love!

Sometimes couples comment that their wedding day passes so quickly that elements can blur. This dear friends, is why you need your day accurately and creatively captured. Yes, there is the element of holding those moments and memories dear, but there is also the very real aspect of remembering the moments, the nuances and also having a view to what else was happening with your nearest and dearest. Anisley’s response to her wedding photographs: “there were tears, lots of tears…  every time I watch that slideshow.  I couldn’t have wished for better photographs and photographers.”

Okay… here you go: Kenilworth Homestead at its finest! (Have a little guess at where our gallant groom hails from).

Kenilworth Homestead wedding photographer Kenilworth Homestead Wedding Photography Wedding Photographer Kenilworth Homestead Wedding PhotographersYes, we’ve all wondered about that!

Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyAinsley and Euan’s relationship has not only had to overcome your every day trials however also the battle of Euan moving to the other side of the world, me being his world after leaving all his friends and family…  Immigration/Visa applications, 3 year long process… ” But, it has made us who we are as a couple and formed the basis of a very stable relationship.”

Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyAinsley’s right-hand woman, the lovely Jody.

Matt Rowe PhotographyBouquets were created by Willow Bud, and aren’t they super pretty?!

Matt Rowe PhotographyBrotherly support as the moment draws near.

Matt Rowe Photography“To be honest, when I first saw Euan it was – relief, content, elation and everything else slipped away.  After what had been a stressful couple of days it was such a wonderful feeling to have finally reached his side, ready to marry my favourite person.  Throughout the preparations, I remember at one point feeling anxious and mum saying to me “you’ll be alright once you’re up there holding his hand”, and she was right.  Our biggest struggle was that we did so much to make our day fit into other plans so our 16 month engagement was to allow time for our overseas guests to save, travel etc.  If it were up to us, it would have been a simple speedy affair as we couldn’t wait to be married.  In saying that though, we wouldn’t have such beautiful photos/memories, so I wouldn’t change a thing.  I don’t remember a lot from our special words (we wrote these to each other in private and our celebrant read them on the day) or vows however one thing sticks with me and they are Euan’s final words: “I bloody love you darling”.  haha – really sums up our relationship and we say something similar often to each other regularly.  The photo’s Matt has captured of us laughing through the ceremony will coincide with this.”

Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyHe is just too cute to miss out and little showing here. Men in kilts is one very cool thing, but (you have to agree) a little fella is just the cutest!

Matt Rowe PhotographySuch a beautiful way to celebrate the very real roots of love and commitment. A beautiful collection of love from to sides, two stories and one moment to join them together.  

Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyBeautiful Ainsley: Hair by Nicola, Makeup by KJ Artistry, Dress from Paddington Weddings/ Bertossi Brides.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-596

Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyOne of my favourite candid moments captured.

Matt Rowe PhotographySunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-622Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe Photography Matt Rowe PhotographyThe fabric garlands that Ainsley made that were hung from various parts of the barn.  “I made these as a decoration however also a way to honour my Nans career as a dressmaker.  She has played a huge role in my life and due to her age and hands not being as nimble unfortunately she was unable to make my/our dresses (as much as she would have loved to try).  So I wanted to find a way to include her.  She donated her beautiful laces and fabrics – local and imported (a lot of silk imported from New York, a company owned by her friends late daughter) and I in-turn created these garlands with the help of my mum and maid of honour, Jody.  These two people in particular played a huge role in the organisation of our wedding (mum and Jody) but too, Euan’s sister Kirsty (who did the reading).  Kirsty did a lot behind the scenes and all the way from Scotland so was very lucky to have her help.”

Matt Rowe PhotographyOh you two… so much goodness to behold and so much to look forward to as your relationship extends and continues to enrich you both. We can’t wait to hear the stories of your lives and the adventures that take place from this moment forward!

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