Katie and Jason’s stormy Summer Wedding at Maleny Manor

Maleny WeddingKatie and Jason held their beautiful wedding at Maleny Manor. Amidst the storm they kept their true focus and had a very special day.Maleny ManorBeautiful Florals were the work of Mondo Floral Designs and represent Katie’s heritage.

katie-and-jason-2 katie-and-jason-3 katie-and-jason-4 katie-and-jason-5 katie-and-jason-6Jason and Katie and a sneaky moment where they exchanged gifts (all without seeing each other) and then got to have an assuring touch before it all got very real!katie-and-jason-7 katie-and-jason-8 katie-and-jason-9 katie-and-jason-10Such a gorgeous and fun group of girls!katie-and-jason-11 katie-and-jason-12 katie-and-jason-13 katie-and-jason-14You wouldn’t guess that through these vows hail began along with thunder and lightening! katie-and-jason-15 katie-and-jason-16 katie-and-jason-17 katie-and-jason-18 katie-and-jason-19katie-and-jason-21 katie-and-jason-22 katie-and-jason-23The photo above is one of our favourites in terms of unique natural framing.katie-and-jason-24 katie-and-jason-25 katie-and-jason-26 katie-and-jason-27 katie-and-jason-28 katie-and-jason-29 katie-and-jason-30A Lovely note from Katie: “I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for receiving the wedding photos so quickly! But most of all, for being such wonderful photographers, in skill and in kind personality! We absolutely adored all the photos, some were truly magic. I’m so pleased and honoured to have such stunning pictures, I cant wait to print them and make big canvasses!”