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Love is loveKadie and Jess’ love story begins with a New Year’s resolution – let their love inspire you! We were most excited about the moment we would see each other for the first time because we have been dreaming about this moment from so soon after we met, before we even believed it could be a reality. A beautiful surprise owl!The first time Jess kissed Kadie she took her to Caloundra for breakfast and a beach walk then to Noosa for a few beers, lunch and they sat on the beach. It was a few days into the year and Jess had made the New Years resolution to go the whole year doing what she wanted without worrying about regret. Kadie asked her at the beach whether after a few days into the year she felt like she had done that and then Jess kissed her for the first time.samesex weddingAbout a year later Jess re-enacted the first date and took Kadie to Caloundra then Noosa and sat along the beach then brought up how fast the year had gone and how it seemed like yesterday they were discussing the resolution. Kadie then asked Jess if with a few weeks left she felt like she had stayed true to it and Jess said she had one thing left to do… then pulled out the ring!love is love same sex wedding same sex wedding Matt Rowe Photography The simple fact that we are complete opposites and for that reason work perfectly together.’Maleny wedding photographyJess is Kadie’s determination and drive and Kadie is Jess’ calm.’Love is loveIt was truly such a special day to be a part of and we wish you all the very best together.

Love, well love is love.
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We loved how you were able to capture perfect moments regardless of weather or lighting. You could take a beautiful moment and then light, style and edit it perfectly!