Jacqui & Sean | Lovely Engagement

Engagment PhotographyWe have similar morals and values, and as much as we are our own person I believe it’s these similarities that make being together and sharing a life together so perfect. We are also yin and yang in some way and balance each other out: Sean is my calm and I am his drive.
Jacqui and Sean 1Sean and I met down the Coast one night. We were both going through pretty hard breakups and weren’t interested in “finding someone” but we formed a friendship. Sean worked away in the mines and I run a business, so both having very little social lives and feeling quite isolated we leaned on each other and supported each other through that time and without even realising it became the best of friends… Sean then met sapphire and we would all hang out and have fun together, we even holidayed on a cruise together before it had become anything more then friends … But we reached a point where,  without meaning to or trying to (if anything we tried as hard as we could to push those feelings aside but we couldn’t anymor) we realised we were either going to lose the other person if we didn’t put our past baggage and tarnished views on love behind us and admit that we had fallen for each other.
Jacqui and Sean 3We have been inseparable pretty much since we met except for Sean’s working away, but he know runs the business with me and we do everything together, and I believe that it works so well because before anything we were mates. We went through hard times together before we even got to enjoy the good times. e have support loyalty and respect in our relationship which I had never experienced and Sean is everything that I had stopped believing existed.
Jacqui and Sean 4The proposal was a fairy tale..we were on a gondola ride in Noosa, the weather was perfect, a still warm day on the water.. It was hitting dusk, after about ten minutes of enjoying the scenery Sean began to say, “You know how much you mean to me…” And my response was, “Yes baby oh wow look at those mansions!” (Obviously oblivious as to his intentions).
Sean was a nervous mess and it took him a few attempts before he got down on one knee and told me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and presented me with the most gorgeous ring…needless to say: I cried. We were both shaking and weren’t sure which hand we were suppose to put the ring on. We had a laugh among tears when Sean said, “Well will you?” There was no doubt in my mind so an actual answer never came out of my mouth! With my hands on my cheeks I said, “Yes yes yes!! Of course!”  The gondola was pulling up at the dock where waiters were waiting for us with our dinner, they congratulated us and we enjoyed an amazing feast and watched the sun go down as we talked all about Sean’s preparation and how Sapphire knew but wasn’t sure when. As soon as we were off the ride we drove straight to Sapphire and told her, as we wanted her to be the first to know and celebrate the excitement together.