Jacqueline loves Mark | Wedding at Annabella

Wedding at AnnabellaJacqueline and Mark held their beautiful wedding at Annabella the Wedding Chapel. It was one of those deligtfuly truly ‘real’ days where the emotion shone through as these two committed their lives under the supurb guidance of Suzanne Riley Celebrant.jacqueline-mark-1 jacqueline-mark-2 jacqueline-mark-3 jacqueline-mark-4 jacqueline-mark-5 jacqueline-mark-6 jacqueline-mark-7 jacqueline-mark-8Mark (the romantic) took Jac away for a weekend to a small secluded cabin all sorted for a romantic getaway with spa and in-house meal service. On the Sunday night he proposed and received the best answer!

https://youtu.be/hfw4zXoSFKk https://youtu.be/hfw4zXoSFKk https://youtu.be/hfw4zXoSFKk jacqueline-mark-12 jacqueline-mark-13 jacqueline-mark-14 jacqueline-mark-16 jacqueline-mark-17 jacqueline-mark-18Joined through supporting each other and their mutual interests and passions, Jac and Mark are in this whole love deal for the long haul.jacqueline-mark-19We wish you the continuation of the great love that you have already delared!


Ceremony | Annabella the Wedding Chapel

Reception | King Ludwigs German Restaurant

Celebrant | Suzanne Riley

Makeup | Powder Me Makeup

Hair | Mooloolah Valley Hair (Sally)

Bride’s Gown | Ferrari Bridal

Cake | Designer Cakes by Deb