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International Wedding PhotographyJoin us for some real-deal International Wedding Photography magic with the gorgeous Karly and Curtis. Hello Vancouver, Canada!

Look very carefully at the centre image here. Seriously cute little ring BEARers out in the woods that day.Like many other modern romances, Karly and Curtis met on an online dating app. What Karly didn’t realise at first was that Curtis actually lived a 12 hour drive away, but by this time this became evident Karly was already too excited to meet him.International Wedding Photography

It didn’t take long for the two to fall madly for each other and to begin planning a life together. Within the first year of their relationship they fought more obstacles than most couples and found that they were an inseparable partnership. Their love supported them through thick and thin, and sickness and health. All that is left is forever.International Wedding Photography International Wedding Photography International Wedding Photography“We would love to thank our friends and family who stood beside us on our big day as well as every other day. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives and for supporting us through our journey.” Canada holds some very interesting Wedding Customs!International Wedding PhotographyIt’s true what they say, that your wedding day flies by and is over before you know it. Thank you so much, Matt and Amanda, for helping us capture the moments we will always remember and will look back on lovingly.

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