Holly and Jesse tie the knot | Tiffany’s Wedding Photographer

Tiffany's Wedding Photographer Check out this for a proposal (as told by the beautiful Holly): Jesse planed a magical day for me. He got a private driver to take pick me up and take me to the location of our first date. Then he took me on an adventure around the Gold Coast to all of our favourite spots. Once we had reached the final location in Mount Tambourine he then arranged a helicopter to pick us up and fly us to Tangalooma in Morton Bay where he had hired an amazing house on the beach. He then took me down to the beach where he had set up a picnic, blindfolded me and got down on one knee; it was absolutely amazing!’
Richard de Chazal is one super talented and world-famous designer (among many other rad pursuits). bridal gown A couple of quiet reflections before the big moment! Tiffany's photographer Sunshine Coast Tiffany's Wedding Photographer Tiffany's photographer Sunshine Coast These two legends were such fun throughout their day; they really embraced every moment. Tiffany's wedding photographer Sunshine Coast Tiffany's photographer Sunshine Coast We are both very ambitious and work together as a team to make things happen. We are both very happy go lucky and love the beach and adventures.

The Dance floor at Tiffany’s was pumping!  Reception dance action Notice Holly’s gown transformation? Sensational, hey!?
We chose Matt Rowe Photography because when we saw his photos we where both blown away and he captures the moment so well.