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An engagement shoot is one of the best ways to prepare for your Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography. We love them too, for many reasons (click here to find out). The highlights from this photography shoot display a whole lot of awesome!

To be honest, ‘dynamic’ was (and is) the first word I would use to describe DJ and Rana. With a real appreciation of art and culture at the foreground of their desires for their photography, we were certainly ready for a super-charged afternoon.

DJ & Rana05

I love the trust and daring of anyone who will jump (not literally) at the chance to spin on a rock beside a creek just down from a waterfall. But then again, this lets me know how far we can adventure when the BIG day comes around.

DJ & Rana07 DJ & Rana14One of our favourite images – and a secret location we love to use for some of our Sunshine Coast wedding photography closer to the Coast – that’s as much as I’ll tell you!

DJ & Rana16

The sunset pulled all the punches as we found the first break of rain in ages. Cue cliché now! Seriously though the weather matched our couple and we were so pleased to be able to share such a dynamic and fun afternoon. After smiling at the images we created, I did receive quite the grin at a family member’s comment about my photography: “this guy is the sh*t”. Got to love a compliment, and that’s up there in my favourites!

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