Fine Art Wedding Albums

I love books. Truly. I love the entire tangible experience of holding a story and having it come alive before me. I know that there are so many new-fangled Kindle-type ways to read, but I love the feel and the experience of holding something in my hands. With little children I also love the experience of sharing a story with another person and talking through the moments that arise. It’s not hard to guess the segue here: your wedding is a story of more than one amazing day. Within that story there are shared glances, sneaky smiles, teary congratulations and the details that define your style and connection.  Fine Art Wedding Albums honour the story of your day.fine art wedding albumsAll our albums are designed in-house. Why is this you ask? Frankly we are the ones who you have entrusted with capturing your day. By the time your wedding day arrives we will have connected many times and probably shared stories and maybe a coffee (or two). We have been with you throughout the planning and on your day. I think it would be a little odd to out-source the “telling” of this story to someone you have never met. I’m sure you agree. We work with you to create an album that you love and our process is a really unique one.

fine art wedding albumsOur Albums are hand-made and are archival and museum grade. We assure you that your album will be beautiful for that first time you get it out to share with your grandchildren.

fine art wedding albumsOur Fine Art Wedding Albums are also available for parents in a smaller sizes. And oh boy they are cute!

fine art wedding albumsWithout a doubt I honestly believe that your wedding, your relationship and the story you are going to share with your children and grandchildren deserves to be tangible. It deserves to be quality. It deserves to be lovingly designed by your photographers. I just don’t think that opening up a bottle of red on your first anniversary and snuggling up for a romantic reflection of your wedding day is validated by flicking through images on a screen.

Many couples will even order an album to be prepared in anticipation of their First Anniversary – I love the romance in this idea.

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