Tip truck

Continuing of theme of Confessions of a Wedding Photographer we are prepared to share a couple of photoshoot disasters, well near disasters at least.

Natural couples photographyWhen scouting for new locations we tend to get a little excited. Ok well, really excited. Finding our new love-shoot property was one of these key moments. We look for awesome light and fantastic backdrops and our new little beauty provided all this and more. The fact that we got to throw “fluffy grass” into the mix was the cherry on top.

Natural couples photographySadly, with ups there are downs.

Most drive watching the road, yeah!?

Tip truck photoshoot disastersYep. Stacked it.

A little bit too far off road.

Thank God our couple had a new 4 wheel Drive that hadn’t yet been put through its paces.

And we got to tow.

It was a kind of fun additional activity we got to offer.

One thing that is said of those soon-to-be married is to test how they go in a crisis or under pressure. Thomas and Tahlia – you passed.


Here is the shot I was envisioning:

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