Scattered Sands

There is a cool thing that many couples are choosing to to as a visual representation of their connection. It is called the Unity Sands Ceremony.

Unity ceremonies have been around in various ways for years.

In some places the Unity Sand Ceremony has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. It’s a way for couples to display the joining of the flow of two lives into a single stream, or a meaningful ceremony that joins existing families into a single bond of love.

The bride and groom will pour his or her sand into a central vase, creating a beautiful combination of colours. There will be pockets of distinct colours (showing that each personality is distinct within the union) while there will also be blended colours (showing that these personalities have committed to become one).

The blending of the sands symbolizes the permanence of the union – just as it is virtually impossible to separate the different coloured grains of sand, so it should be a union that is lasting and enduring.

Let’s witness this happening:

 Uniting Sands ceremony Wedding Uniting Sands

Here is the part where I just breathe a sigh of relief that we tend to attract amazing couples who approach life with ease and laughter. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they take twists and turns not accounted for (or even thought possible).

An amazing philosophy that I just love is that it is not what happens in our lives that define us, but rather how we respond.

The exuberance of the minister found the unified sands smashed on the ground.

Yes, of course there was a pause and we all gathered for thought.

At this moment I stepped back to watch how our bride and groom reacted. It isn’t polite to take photos in some instances. Yet when the laughter began and our groom turned to me and invited me to take a photo I was able to release the breath I was unconsciously holding.

What can you do?

I snapped away.

Wedding Stories

The poor minister later collected all the sand he could and the glass that had held it together and crafted another vessel to house the symbolism. What I love about this twist of events is the new story that is told. The story about the resilience of these two love-birds and their relaxed approach to life (even potential disaster). Yes indeed, all taken in stride!

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