Forgotten wedding rings

We all know how it goes: Celebrant asks for the rings. Best Man pats all is pockets, puts his “oh no” face on and then produces the rings. We all give a chuckle and the wedding continues.

Yep, that’s the “Funny Best Man forgets the rings dance”. For this wedding, however, the dance was turning into quite a jig, the chuckles ebbed and flowed until the Best Man took off. Running. Yes, running AWAY from the ceremony.

Thank God we were with one of the most relaxed and down-to-earth couples and that little chuckle turned into some guffaws. forgotten rings

Now bless this poor best man (let’s call him Ben, brother of the groom). Ben had been so concerned about forgetting the rings that he had stored in the glove box of the car, which incidentally, was up a hill and down a drive way.

He ran the distance.

He went for speed.

All alone (all alone), in his time of need. (You’ll have to know the band CAKE for that reference).

It worked out well. There was a lovely pause in the ceremony to make eye-contact with all, have a laugh, breathe deeply and allow the moment to be. 

Definitely a moment to remember.

Wedding Photographer Sunshine Coast

Here is Ben returning with the rings. (There were two of us Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers, so we captured all the angles) Funny Wedding Stories


Husband and Wife.

Brotherly love intact.


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