The day my pants split

…at a wedding … just before the ceremony!

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Shall I set the scene?

An intimate wedding. (Yes, I do get the irony of that word and this post).

Simple, yet beautiful decorations (So nothing to hide behind, or stick to the back of my pants).

A ticking clock.

I had just arrived and stepped out of my car.

It happened. The rip was audible. My heart beat became audible.

The bride was due to arrive at any minute.

Damage assessment revealed a whole lot more than bad luck.

So, the question now is, what did I do? I couldn’t beg, borrow or steal. I did not have a stapler, needle and thread (though what a GREAT idea!) or a long shirt. I was exposed and the ceremony was about to start.

Here is the point where you just have to ‘suck it up’ and put your brave face on.

Before the bride arrived I entered the small Chapel and drew the attention I knew was coming my way regardless. Yes, I announced that indeed my pants had ripped quite significantly down the back and yes, I was aware of this. Smirks, shock, sympathy were all there, but thank goodness, so was laughter. What can you do? I did add, “please don’t feel sorry for me”, in case people thought I was unaware, and then I turned (better to look first) and headed out the door to capture the bride in all her gloriousness- The one person who did not need to know of my plight.

I think this was the right way to go. Can you imagine detracting from someone’s blessed nuptials by swooning around and (don’t visualise this!) squatting to ‘capture the moment’? Everyone had a good look, we were all aware and I hope we all managed to move on.

Thank goodness for black underwear!

PS: I do carry a change of pants with me now – don’t worry.

PPS: The wedding was lovely

PPPS: My wonderful partner in crime (Amanda) did drop a change of clothing to our location (when she stopped laughing).


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