Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

We all like a bit of inside gossip.

Let’s be really truthful now, we also like to hear about things not always going to plan – the Germans even have a word for it (Schadenfreude).

Two other things I’m pretty certain about when it comes to human nature are, 1) the need to rant at times to clear the air (or your head, and, 2) the enjoyment of a big rant.

So, we put all these natural human instincts into a little section of our site adoringly titled: ‘Confessions of a Wedding Photographer’. Please feel free to release a little catharsis as you laugh (or cry) along with us.

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Confessions of a Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer ‘reveals’

The day I split my pants

  • The title pretty much sums this one up!

Who needs wedding rings?

  • A best-man’s nightmare

What do you do when the top tier falls off the cake?

  • Coming soon for your reading pleasure

Um, you know those coloured sands you adoringly just blended together… yeah, they just smashed (shall I take a photo?)

  • A story of resilience, response and the uncontrollable

Flying low

  • Yep! Embarrassment. Check back with us in the near future

Tip Truck

  • Going on location can be a lot of fun, except perhaps when the driver isn’t looking in the right direction


Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers, Matt Rowe Photography, talk in detail about the stumbles sometimes faced on the path to bliss. If you have a story to tell about an event not following the intended course on your wedding day, do tell us about it and we might give it a feature.