Christina and Daniel | Sunshine Coast Wedding

Sunshine coast weddingWe share the same values – our love for the earth, animals , family and all things mystical. Together we are a more powerful force and we plan to leave the world a little better than we found it. How they met: Daniel asked Christina on a date after being introduced through a friend, meeting up at Elixba in Maroochydore. At first sight they were both blown away by each other, instantly recognising each other from what felt life multiple life times worth of love. They spent hours talking to each other, recognising that their paths had come incredibly close before, but never quite meeting. This felt like the perfect time and place.

Matt Rowe Photography Sunshine Coast

Daniel – The moment the doors open and I see my bride-to-be for the first time.

Christina – I see the ceremony as a sacred right of passage and I can’t wait to declare my love for Daniel in front of our closest friends and family as the Moon in Gemini becomes full.

Knowing that Christina had a love for all things esoteric, Daniel planned a proposal that highlighted Christina’s Leo nature. Under the Leo full moon in February, Daniel took Christina along the cliffs at Sunshine Beach to the headland next to Lion’s Rock and as the full moon rose, Daniel presented a ruby engagement ring to tears and shocked silence – lasting a full twenty minutes.
Matt Rowe Photography Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Photography Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography Matt Rowe Photography
Photography | Matt Rowe Photography

Tasleema Nigh

Evalyn Parsons

Made With Love

Bridesmen’s attire | Okar Style Suits  (Christina’s brothers)


Tiffany’s Flowers

Jewel Sophia

Nick Trovas BandMatt Rowe Photography Sunshine Coast

Daniel used to be a very passionate photographer and had a particular desire to find someone that came from a landscape photography background. Matt’s ‘signature’ photos of couples within beautiful landscapes was the key artistic reason that we chose you, but the most important was the relaxed attitude that made Christina feel like you would be a calming influence on what may otherwise be a stressful day.