Sean loves Jacqui | Chapel Wedding Photography

jacqui-and-sean-33Jacqui and Sean’s Chapel Wedding Photographyjacqui-and-sean-1 jacqui-and-sean-2 groomsmen groom prep jacqui-and-sean-5 flower girl bridal shoes jacqui-and-sean-8 father reveal bridal portraiture bridal portraiture groom prep photos beautiful bride Chapel Wedding Photography Chapel Wedding Photography Matt Rowe Photography jacqui-and-sean-17

jacqui-and-sean-18 jacqui-and-sean-19 Annabella the wedding chapel jacqui-and-sean-21 jacqui-and-sean-22Jacqui and Sean were friends for a long time before their relationship blossomed.jacqui-and-sean-23 jacqui-and-sean-24 jacqui-and-sean-25 jacqui-and-sean-26 jacqui-and-sean-27 Wedding Photography at the Chapel Wedding Photography at the Chapel jacqui-and-sean-30 jacqui-and-sean-31 jacqui-and-sean-32 jacqui-and-sean-34 jacqui-and-sean-35 jacqui-and-sean-36 Wedding Photography at the Chapel jacqui-and-sean-38 jacqui-and-sean-39 jacqui-and-sean-40 bridal party photos jacqui-and-sean-42 jacqui-and-sean-43 Matt Rowe Photography jacqui-and-sean-45A special look out before arriving at their beautiful Obi Obi Hall Reception where they partied through until the early hours of the morning with their nearest and dearest.jacqui-and-sean-46 jacqui-and-sean-47Sean proposed on a Noosa Gondola ride. Jacqui reveals that it was perfect, “sun setting, beautiful food, perfect weather… Sean was so nervous; it was so sweet.

When asked what defines them as a couple, Jacqui said, “How completely content we are in every aspect of our relationship. Life is something else now that we have found each other.”

Now, if we are to be truly honest, Jacqui and Sean’s ceremony was super real and super emotional. All of us there who are in the Industry felt that ‘something special’ and even in the editing process the emotion came through again. There is something so deep with this connection and these gorgeous humans that really shines through. We wish you well in your journey and with your family, Sean and Jacqui!

Venue | Annabella the Wedding Chapel

Makeup | Bohemian Bride

Hair | Coastal Style

Gown | Jordana Reagan Couture

Flowers | Willow Bud

Pastor | Pastor Jake

Transport | Old Skool Kombis Noosa