Little White Wedding Church Photographer – Melissa & Douglas

Little White Wedding Church Photographer, Matt Rowe Photography, was chomping at the bit for Melissa and Douglas’ Hinterland wedding. (I know, the expression is a little off-putting, but honestly, he was really excited!).

Having met Melissa and Douglas for their engagement session earlier in the year (click here to see it – you will be patting yourself on the back that you did; it is THAT cool!), everyone was a little more relaxed in terms of wedding photography.

Melissa and her gorgeous bridesmaids prepared in style in the Hinterland. Because Melissa is a make-up artist (Cixi make-up) she was in the zone and everyone looked divine.Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapelMatt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapelMelissa is French, and we all know the French have some pretty romantic ways of doing things – French-kissing, eating snails.. need I go on? – well they also have a very cool wedding ritual. Ribbon cuttings have long been traditional components of European wedding ceremonies. In France, the bride might cut ribbons that have been stretched across the road/ aisle , which symbolizes the couple overcoming obstacles (Read more).

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-37One very happy groom!

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-46You will notice a pretty lovely lady here on the right. Meet Kari from Kari Celebrations, she is an all round legend, beautiful spirit and very genuine person (all might fine qualities to find in a celebrant).

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-55As well as being a super cute little church, the Little White Wedding Church boasts two beautifully manicured acres, with an undulating slope leading down to a beautiful dam,  landscaped gardens and a boutique style orchard. It is perfect for Wedding Photography.

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-60The day itself, while being the middle of winter, was actually a rainy one. Many couples would find the prospect of a rainy wedding day a little frightening, but we actually embrace whatever the day provides. You can plan almost anything and everything for a wedding except the weather. Rain is actually quite cool for fine art photography as it plays with light in so many cool ways – think about rainbows.

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-76The drama of the scene intensified with a little fog and made these Fine Art Wedding Photography images complete.

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-78 Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-81 Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-82Being a little bit cold is great for a cuddle. Who needs the warms of an open fire when you have your husband in your arms?

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-90 Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-92While Melissa and Douglas were out on their wedding shoot the rest of the wedding party had their turn to show their best looks :). What a fun bunch of people! (Thanks to Karena for second shooting these bridal party images)

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-93A dance of love to celebrate the day, the ritual and of course the love at the ever-spectacular Flaxton Gardens

Matt Rowe Photography Little white wedding chapel-94So there you go: marriage & happiness.

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Flaxton Gardens Wedding Photography- Jess & Matt

Flaxton Gardens Wedding Photographer

We just love a couple who know what they want! Jessica and Matt married at the ever-beautiful Flaxton Gardens on the Sunshine Coast. For a wedding photographer, Flaxton Gardens hosts many great benefits in addition to the awesome view. Though the weather was a little dreary Jessica looked divine and certainly brought a sparkle to Matt’s eyes when he saw her for the first time. Just got to love a ‘brollie’ – especially such an elegant one! The rain did clear just enough to capture some beautiful moments, interrupt a heard of cattle (yes, that’s right!), and create some true life art._MRP6951wYou’ve got to agree that the moment below is a stunner. We were so very happy and impressed that this image remains Jessica and Matt’s favourite (ours too). Therein lies the importance of  sharing a vision and choosing the photographer whose style is going to be one reciprocated in your plans and desires – and beautifully on your wall to greet you each day!

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