Alley and Alex’s beautiful Old Dairy Wedding

Matt Rowe PhotographyAlley and Alex met on a dating app!  They had the same name , birth sign and liked all the really important things you look for in a life partner…like salt and vinegar chips.Old Dairy Wedding PhotographyOld Dairy Wedding Photographybeautiful Old Dairy WeddingOld Dairy Wedding Photography Alley recounts the proposal, “I’m probably the worst person ever to propose to. We planned a trip to Sydney to visit Alex’s sister, but the whole week up to the trip I was really sick and kept trying to cancel it, a really great start already. We landed in Sydney, where a really nice taxi waiting for us, Except it wasn’t a taxi but a small limo and I totally missed that because I assumed Sydney must have nicer things then the Sunshine Coast. Half way through the ride I realise something was up when the driver mentions a hotel, Alex manages to soothes things over. Not once, even through the dinner or even when Alex suggest a walk to the Opera House, where he proposed with a giant love heart ring, did I even have a clue what was going on. I have to give him credit, he’s got style. Pity it’s wasted on me sometimes ha ha.”beautiful Old Dairy Wedding beautiful Old Dairy Wedding We are two very different people and while our similarities, gives us the ability to have something in common, it’s our differences that allows us to give each other numerous strengths in various aspects of our lives. My sister, Georgie, forbade me to choose any other photographer years ago. But I choose Matt Rowe Photography because your work is inspirational and full of passion. It was the one thing I would not budge on this wedding :) While the image above is not of our lovely couple, it just goes to show that so many special little moments occur every day. There is so often space to have these moments, even in the busiest and most special moments of life.

Make up: Shannon Hope.
Hair stylist: Kylie Sutton from freelance hairstylist.
Cake: Rosie Simpson from RosieCakes.
Music: Snow In Fernie.
Catering: A Pinch of Spice.
Celebrant: Sue Stevens.
Photobooth: Andrew from All Star Photobooths