Daisy & Matt – Beach wedding photography

beach wedding photographyDaisy and Matt= Big smiles. Big love. A whole lot of awesome-ness and one amazing sunset to perfectly compliment their beach wedding and beach wedding photography.Matt Rowe Photography_0039 Matt Rowe Photography_0058 Matt Rowe Photography_0040 Matt Rowe Photography_0041 Matt Rowe Photography_0057 Matt Rowe Photography_0059 Matt Rowe Photography_0043 Matt Rowe Photography_0126Matt Rowe Photography_0056The beautiful ‘maids’ (and super-genuine ladies!).Matt Rowe Photography_0061 Matt Rowe Photography_0049We love, love, love a special father-daughter ‘reveal’. That moment captured…

Matt Rowe Photography_0066 Matt Rowe Photography_0068 Matt Rowe Photography_0046Our handsome groom: Matt, and his dashing wingmen.Matt Rowe Photography_0048 Matt Rowe Photography_0047 Matt Rowe Photography_0045Daisy’s makeup by Sally Townsend Makeup Artistry and hair by Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing. So perfectly beautiful!Matt Rowe Photography_0044 Matt Rowe Photography_0042A beautiful beach set up with perfect styling,Matt Rowe Photography_0038 Matt Rowe Photography_0065 Matt Rowe Photography_0063 Matt Rowe Photography_0064 Matt Rowe Photography_0060 Matt Rowe Photography_0067 Matt Rowe Photography_0062So here is the love story: Daisy and Matt met 4 yrs ag0 at a kickboxing gym. Daisy shares, “I saw him first, laying on the ground outside doing sit ups haha! Clearly there was physical attraction immediately, I was hoping he was intelligent! Lucky me, because he is :) Our attraction blossomed the more we trained together and got to know one another. It was always interesting when we’d have to jump in the ring to spar each other, he’d take it easy on me but would never admit to it!”

Matt Rowe Photography_0069 Matt Rowe Photography_0070 Matt Rowe Photography_0071 Matt Rowe Photography_0072 Matt Rowe Photography_0050 Matt Rowe Photography_0074 Matt Rowe Photography_0075 Matt Rowe Photography_0076 Matt Rowe Photography_0077 Matt Rowe Photography_0073 Matt Rowe Photography_0081 Matt Rowe Photography_0078It’s that fist sight moment – perfectly captured from two angles.Matt Rowe Photography_0079 Matt Rowe Photography_0080 Matt Rowe Photography_0082 Matt Rowe Photography_0083 Matt Rowe Photography_0084 Matt Rowe Photography_0085The super-lovely Paul Kant was Daisy and Matt’s celebrant. Their ceremony was genuine and so heart-felt.Matt Rowe Photography_0086 Matt Rowe Photography_0094 Matt Rowe Photography_0051Little Max really was a perfect support at the key moments!
Matt Rowe Photography_0087 Matt Rowe Photography_0095 Matt Rowe Photography_0052 Matt Rowe Photography_0088“We have always had such a strong connection, I honestly believe it was love at first sight.”
Matt Rowe Photography_0089 Matt Rowe Photography_0090 Matt Rowe Photography_0053 Matt Rowe Photography_0091 Matt Rowe Photography_0092 Matt Rowe Photography_0093 Matt Rowe Photography_0054 Matt Rowe Photography_0055 Matt Rowe Photography_0096 Matt Rowe Photography_0097 Matt Rowe Photography_0098The Proposal: “Matty took me away for my birthday last year, we stayed in an amazing hotel down the coast, had a romantic dinner but he said we had to get up early. When his alarm went off at 330am I thought he was kidding!! We ended up driving inland to a tiny town, jumped on a bus and drove to a farm paddock. We were going hot air ballooning!! I was so excited! Best birthday pressie ever! We were about 6000 ft high, I was watching the sunrise when he whispered, turn around for a sec. He was holding a box, with a beautiful ring, spoke some very special words and I said yes :) we celebrated after with a beautiful champagne breakfast at a winery. It was such a beautiful moment :)”
Matt Rowe Photography_0099 Matt Rowe Photography_0100 Matt Rowe Photography_0101 Matt Rowe Photography_0102 Matt Rowe Photography_0103 Matt Rowe Photography_0104 Matt Rowe Photography_0105 Matt Rowe Photography_0106 Matt Rowe Photography_0107 Matt Rowe Photography_0108 Matt Rowe Photography_0109Working it.Matt Rowe Photography_0110 Matt Rowe Photography_0111 Matt Rowe Photography_0112
Matt Rowe Photography_0114 Matt Rowe Photography_0115 Matt Rowe Photography_0116 Matt Rowe Photography_0117 Matt Rowe Photography_0118 Matt Rowe Photography_0119 Matt Rowe Photography_0120 Matt Rowe Photography_0121 Matt Rowe Photography_0122 Matt Rowe Photography_0123 Matt Rowe Photography_0124 Matt Rowe Photography_0125Matt and Daisy, We wish you all the best for your life together and your gorgeous little family. These memories, we dearly hope, will transport you back to your perfect wedding day and remind you of the love and laughter that define the commitment you have made. x Amanda and Matt