Awesome photos of dogs in weddings

Awesome dog photos in weddingsDoes your fur-baby have what it takes? Weddings are  a time when you want to involve all those your love – your friends, family and those who have filled your heart and warmed your bed (eaten your slippers?).Before you bound off and get your doggy bow-tie, however, do consider the nature and needs of your furry friend.  Sociable dogs that are outgoing and friendly often cope better with the extra attention they are likely to receive on your wedding day. If your dog is shy and uncomfortable around people, perhaps the best way to share some time together is at home on the couch after the big day.Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-19A floral wreath is the perfect adornment for a female puppy. This is Bonnie owning her new style!beach engagement photographyAnd a bow-tie reflects the nature of this fine Jack Russel. beach engagement photographyThere’s no guarantee that your fur-baby will behave exactly how you want him to on the day of the wedding. Take the stress off yourself and nominate a willing minder ready to watch the needs and reactions of your four-legged friend – this should not be your responsibility on your wedding day. Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-1 (2)If you would like to include your dog, but are really not sure how they will cope on the big day, you could always consider inviting them to your engagement shoot where you will be able to devote more attention.Puppy Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-467 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-76 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-36 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-2-2 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-1-2Cooroy Wedding photographyCooroy Wedding photographyThere is a huge range (and market) of doggy accessories. Current themes are the bow-ties, top hats, floral adornment; these not only looks glamorous or handsome for your pup, but can also work with your theme if so desired.Beach Wedding Photography NoosaBeach Wedding Photography NoosaI just love that this special guy got to be part of the groomsmen (and was also very well behaved!)DIY weddingMatt Rowe Photography-149Weddings are about many things and one of those most important considerations is who you consider to be your family.Noosa Wedding Photographers