An unofficial bridesmaid

I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I’ve wanted to be – desperately. So desperately in fact that I dressed up to look like a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding!

What I find so attractive about the relationship between the bride and her ‘maids’ are the connections, the history of the bonds between these women that form the basis of the honour (and the role).

Traditionally the bridesmaids attend to the bride. I don’t think the expectations today are much different. In addition to looking gorgeous, many bridesmaids we meet in our profession also act as a calming influence and add that extra attention and sometimes humour.

duties of a bridesmaid

As the second photographer for Matt Rowe Photography, I often find myself multi-tasking. Apart from the standard roles of taking beautiful photos, acting as a pack-horse (with all the equipment) and drinks holder (the best I’ve managed to date has been three stubbies and two champagne glasses over a hill!), I find at times I fulfill the role of unofficial bridesmaid.

I now carry a ‘Bride Care Kit’ with me on our shoots just in case. By no way do I want to intrude on the role of the bridesmaid, but the day is ultimately about the couple and our job is to ‘tell the story’ in the best possible light.

My kit includes:

  • blotting paper to reduce shine
  • tissues
  • water (seems obvious, I know)
  • a sewing kit (I have sewn a green satin bridesmaid’s dress back together after some very enthusiastic dancing!)
  • clear varnish (stockings and small tears)
  • bandaids (only ever used by adventurous groomsmen to date!)
  • rescue remedy for nerves
  • lip gloss

For those who have had the honour – you are blessed. For my stunning bridesmaids, stand-in bridesmaid for my poor dear friend who developed hives (I know, such bad luck!) and my amazingly dear friend who crafted the best poem and made me cry on our special day – I thank you all!

…and I’m still waiting for the official honour! Do know that I am already prepared!

xx Amanda from Matt Rowe Photography