How to prepare for your Wedding Photography

It seems a funny thing to suggest, but it really is quite possible to prepare for your Wedding Photography.

Before the Day

The question may be asked, why bother to prepare for the photographs taken on your wedding day?

Of course, if you’re after stunning wedding images and you’ve found the wedding photographer who trades in the style that suits you best,  you are guaranteeing a professional who knows what they are doing and has experience within the wedding industry.

Let’s cut to the chase: you trial hair and make-up, have fittings for your bridal gown, attend a dress rehearsal for your ceremony and sample the cuisine you will serve your guests at your reception. But the ever-lasting memories that will capture all these goodies are often.

The best option really is to have an Engagement Photoshoot. This is a fantastic opportunity to really get to know your photographer as more than just the master behind the lens, but to also get a real feel for how they work, how you feel, what are the most flattering poses.Yandina Wedding PhotographersAn engagement session is a little more ‘posed’ than a Wedding Day. Why is this? Quite Simply, it is because we have the time and it is nicer to give direction prior to the day and keep the flow of your Wedding Day as natural and relaxed as possible.

So, what now? Give us a call or shoot us through an email to discuss your wedding plans and book in your engagement shoot.Sunshine Coast Wedding photographyOn the Day

You have probably guessed it: your wedding morning is going to be a busy one. It is such a special time of preparation for your ceremony and it is really lovely if you are able to be present as much as possible. Here are a few tips to help you on the day:

Artistic wedding photographer

  1. Give up your phone. Before the day it is a good idea to let people know that you will not be trouble-shooting or problem solving on your wedding day. To ease this it is a fabulous idea to nominate a go-to person, this should be someone who has been by your side throughout your planning- Maid of Honour and Best Man, by definition can carry this responsibility through.
  2. Limit visitors. People coming in and out or “popping in just to say Hi” affect some more than others. Your arrival at your wedding ceremony really is that moment for your husband and also your guests to see you ready for the next step in your relationship. It also stops those last minute concerns (if any) being aired in your presence and maintains calm.
  3. Have your bridal party get everything ready for your wedding photographer two hours before we are set to arrive. We ask that flowers are together, dresses/ suits are un-wrapped and on matching hangers. Shoes and jewellery also should be in the same area so we can get in and start shooting without asking you where everything this (refer to number 1). We are often complimented on being calm and relaxed throughout a wedding day and we do out best to get in and start shooting, so if everything is ready to go… so are we.
  4. Have a read over our article requested by and published in Polka Dot Bride. This article reveals a lot of heart-felt truths and we wrote it especially for our couples and those interested in having us spend one of the most important days of your life with you.

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