Why have a Mock Dance at your wedding

Whether or not to have a Mock Dance  can be an easy choice for some or a bone of contention for others.

Mock Dance Wedding PhotographyRachel and Shehan’s Mock Wedding Dance

The key factor in the decision of whether to have your “first dance” in real time or as a representation is often based on a few key elements:


  • Many couples will have organised their wedding day details down to the minute and you may feel the benefit of getting all your images captured early in the piece in order to allow you to cut loose later on.

Real versus Representation

  • This is the all important consideration of whether the moment needs to be captured as is happens or whether the symbolism of the first dance is all your require.

As Wedding Photographers, what do we think?

  • I know it is ‘hedge-sitting’ but both real time and mock dances have their benefits.
  • With a Mock Dance it is possible to control the elements: We can set the lighting up to perfectly capture your moment (you are still together dancing!); the myriad of other camera flashes will not interfere; we can work with you to get a number of angles without disturbing others who will join you on the dance floor; the symbolism is still captured.
  • With a ‘real time’ first dance you do get the truth of the moment.

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