Wedding Advice

We have found over time that there are a lot of questions that need some good solid answers. Advice given freely and from experience is often the best. Because of these facts we have put together a Bride’s Sanctum of experience and wisdom to get you there (relatively) stress free.

The Sunshine Coast Wedding Industry is full of super lovely people who are truly fulfilled by their craft and are giving in nature. These legends were each asked to give some sound advice about their area of expertise to help you as you.

The Best Wedding Advice we can give:


Let go. You have probably done everything you can to organise this dream into reality. If you have a bridal party let them deal with anything that needs to be addressed and just live each moment to its absolute fullest. Your wedding day is totally about the two of you – so let it be that way. Soak it up, baby!

If your dress needs a ribbon laced, make sure that your attendant/s are with you for your final fitting and actually practise doing it up. Honestly, a youtube video on the day to work it out is rather nerve racking (for everyone)!

Alternative shoes for your Bridal party or couple’s shoot are a great consideration if you are going off the beaten track. (This is both for preserving your bridal shoes and also your own safety).

This one is for the boys: Mobile phones out of pockets. They make shapes where there just shouldn’t be anything (should I clarify further? Good, I thought not)

For more helpful advice: read How to prepare for your wedding photography, or Why have a Mock Wedding Dance.

Amanda from Matt Rowe Photography


“A good florist will do everything they can to encapsulate the essence of your personal style and dream vision – a creative florist will do everything they can to make sure your ‘wild idea’ will become a reality!  Never be afraid to experiment with your styling, and try to think outside the box for that extra special, unique piece that will make your wedding truly memorable!”

Julia from Ginger Lily Rose  

Wedding adviceValued advice

Have your hair and make-up stylist come to you on your wedding morning!

How to prepare for your wedding day hair.

  • For Up styles and Waves – I advise the bride and her bridal party to wash and Blow wave their hair the night before the wedding. Blow waving gives the hair its shine.
  • If the hair is fine or can get a little oily I would suggest washing and blow waving the morning of.
  • Having the hair freshly washed gives the hairstyle body.
  • The hair may be soft but  products can be used to combat that but when the hair is dirty and oily it becomes heavy and harder to work with.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to take off over the finished hair style.
What to expect
  • A hair trial 6 weeks up to the week before your wedding is perfect timing as your hair should be the length and colour to what it will be on your wedding day.
  • All the final decisions should be made by then in regards to the dress, jewellery and hairpieces.
  • Put your look together with your hair stylist to suit your wedding style  (beachy or classic or vintage etc.) and face shape and dress.
  • Have an idea in mind of your wedding hairstyle with a couple of pictures if possible.
  • Take in a photo of your dress.
  • Leave your hair trial completely happy with your wedding day hairstyle.
  • Try and have your makeup trial on the same day as your hair trial so that you can see your look come together.
  • Go through the timing and details (make-up and photographer details also) for your wedding day with your stylist so all runs smoothly on your day.

Wedding day Tip

Everything’s done…..Relax and Enjoy your day , drink lots of water in the morning and have an early night the night before.
Look at your Groom as you arrive at your ceremony. It is so easy to get distracted and not see his reaction when he sees you for the first time.
Nicola from Hair By Nicola

makeup advice

  • We always use primers, and oil mattifiers – this keeps the makeup look great all day – and if need be – use oil absorbing tissues to blot throughout the day if you do have an oilier skin type
  • Keep a touch up lipstick/gloss with you to touch up through out the day
  • Groom those brows – stunning makeup is having a beautifully framed face with perfectly groomed brows (waxed/threaded, tinted and shaped!)
  • Cheek colour is a MUST! My personal pet hate is seeing ladies wear foundation, but no cheek colour or bronzer – a touch of bronzer of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks will give that healthy/youthful glow.
  • Use more matt eye colours for more mature eyes, as shimmery colours will settle in the fine lines around the eyes, and accentuate them.
  • For weddings, waterproof mascara is not optional, it is a must!

As a bride, you need to to factor in things like – is it a morning wedding, an evening wedding etc? The location? Beach or Hotel? Is the style of the wedding, classic, vintage or glitzy? All of these questions will play a role in determining the makeup that will best suit your wedding.

Kylie from KJ Artistryphotography advice
  1. Choose a photographer whose style you really like; the images from your Wedding Day really are the lasting testament to such an important occasion. It is important that you will love them in 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.
  2. Follow their social media. It is great to see what is happening within their business and what their current work is like.
  3. Meet them and make sure that you are comfortable with them as a person.
  4. Book in an engagement shoot. For more information on what to wear for your engagement shoot, click here.

Matt from Matt Rowe Photography

venue advice

  1. Really consider the style and vibe of your wedding. There are lots of places that cater for a wide variety of tastes.
  2. Try to view the venue around the time of your ceremony (normally between 2 and 4 p.m.), to get a feel for how things will look for your wedding time.
  3. Meet with the staff as well as the event coordinator to get a genuine feel for the venue. This may mean just staying for a coffee (which is a nice thing to do anyway!).

Judy from AnnaBella the Wedding Chapel 

transport advice

  1. Always choose a Company & vehicle that is operating full time and not just doing weddings as a hobby. Queensland Transport have strict rules for transporting the public and this safe guards you.
  2. Book early to avoid disappointment, and make sure you feel confident with the Company you use.
  3. It’ an exciting day on the morning of your wedding so always make sure you have a good breakfast to see you through the day. That way you can enjoy the odd glass of champers, and still enjoy the day without getting whoozy

Have a look at Biriti the Bentley an elegant & stylish car. Birti has been restored with red leather interior & shiny black exterior and looks as good today as he did when he left the factory in 1950.

Birti always looks great next to a white dress have a look at a few of the weddings we have done.

from Classic Wedding Cars

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