Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography – Amie & Brad

Engagement photography on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Amie & Brad Web-1Amie and Brad are a strong and adorable couple blessed with a shared sense of humour and a united sense of fun. Photographing their engagement shoot in a ‘secret location’ on the beautiful Sunshine Coast was a blast.

Amie & Brad Web-3 Amie & Brad Web-4Amie’s make-up was done by the talented  KJ Artistry. We will often suggest planning your wedding make-up trial for your engagement shoot – why? you ask… ahh the answer lies here (click away).

Amie & Brad Web-6 Amie & Brad Web-7 Amie & Brad Web-9 Amie & Brad Web-12Sunshine Coast engagement photography doesn’t get much sweeter than these two now, does it?!

Amie & Brad Web-15 Amie & Brad Web-16 Amie & Brad Web-18 Amie & Brad Web-19This image is one of may favourites. I’m just loving blending a couple’s personalities with what the natural environment has to offer. Thank goodness we live in a little jewel of paradise with so much to offer as far as landscapes and seascapes. Photography is always a balance or light, subject and mood and here we have a lovely combination with some great balance of features. 

Amie & Brad Web-25

I know, I know… only put a few images. Just couldn’t help myself today- just love these engagement photos and this special couple. Looking forward to your wedding in August!

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Weddings at Tiffany’s Photography – Dani & Henry

When we first met Dani and Henry it felt like catching up with old friends. Their hinterland wedding day was beautiful – full of meaning, love and fun. They chose a wonderful ‘team’ of bridesmaids and groomsmen to support them as they confirmed their commitment to one another.

Dani & Henry-4

Weddings at Tiffany's

Sunshine Coast Wedding

Dani & Henry-39

Ready to wed…  Dani & Henry-60There was just something so special about reflections for Dani and Henry – check out the reflection in the car of Henry waiting at Tiffany’s (and the cross on Dani’s dad’s suit).

Dani & Henry-75 Dani & Henry-78Dani & Henry-83 - Copy - Copy

Dani & Henry-85 - Copy - Copy Dani & Henry-86Weddings at Tiffany’s is just perfect for photography with the amazing open view to the Glasshouse Mountains and the light provided within the chapel.

Dani & Henry-108

_MRP1465wOne of our all-time favourite wedding images is this reflection shot of the entire bridal party in their wedding car – stunning!


Dani & Henry-135 Dani & Henry-136 - Copy - Copy

Dani & Henry-203 Dani & Henry-205 Dani & Henry-232

Dani & Henry-170 Dani & Henry-242The stunning chapel at Weddings at Tiffany’s – perfect for a final lovely photograph!

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Tarsha & Matt

I’ve always had a thing for ‘wishes’ and love the symbolism of releasing the dandelion seeds to find their way. There is that same connection to the concept of fate, destiny or serendipity – make a plan but let the outcome settle where it will.

So does this fit with Tarsha and Matt? Well, apart from the fun we had with ‘wishes’ they are also following that awesome trajectory that we all take when we make a commitment to something and start to enjoy the ride to our destination._MRP8919w _MRP9159w _MRP9231w _MRP9282w

Photography by Matt Rowe Photography

Makeup KJ Artistry