Moon rock

A study on water

I noticed patterns forming in the water creating ribbon-like effects. It reminds me of molten metal. There was no maniputlation to this image apart from contrast and B&W conversion.

My First Love

Well apart from a girl called Sally back  in High School, my first real passion in life was (and is) Nature. In all her infinite forms she is temptress, mistress and master. She is wild and bold through landscape and subtle and intricate in the smallest and most delicate forms. My favourite time to encounter her on an intimate level is dawn and we rendezvous by the sea. It is not always peaceful, yet always dramatic.

Monkey in a hat

It’s near impossible (we think) to not to delight in the innocence of fun that little people seem to live by. This little person is our all time super favourite being to hang out with (and photograph)!

One VERY tollerant cat in a VERY cute hat!

Bless! xxx

Mr & Mrs

Bec and Ryan were such a fun couple to photograph. Their unique style and complete ‘in the moment’ joy just made us feel a sense of awe for how perfectly they connect. What a day! 

A reflection in time


This was one of those ‘lost in love moments’ where B & R totally forgot we were there and began to absorb the event and reality of their marriage. We find that these moments on a wedding shoot are one of the few times in the day where a couple have time just to take it all in and connect with each other. It’s cute. We love it.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Sarah and David

Under the veil

Under the veil

Sarah and David are truly made for one another. Such a pleasure to spend time with an amazing couple.

There is such a timeless quality to love, whether you’re just married, celebrating your fourth wedding anniversary or your 50th…