Josie loves Chris | An Awesome Noosa Wedding

Matt Rowe Photography Josie and Chris had one Awesome Noosa Wedding! josie-chris-wedding-1 josie-chris-wedding-2 josie-chris-wedding-3 Such a stunning and super fun bridal party. The girls’ makeup was by Natalie Hunter Makeup Artistry and their hair was styled by Jessica Little.

josie-chris-wedding-4 josie-chris-wedding-5 josie-chris-wedding-6 Beautiful florals by Twig and Grace josie-chris-wedding-7 josie-chris-wedding-8 josie-chris-wedding-9 josie-chris-wedding-10 josie-chris-wedding-11 josie-chris-wedding-12 josie-chris-wedding-13 josie-chris-wedding-14 josie-chris-wedding-15 josie-chris-wedding-16

josie-chris-wedding-17 josie-chris-wedding-18 Josie and Chris had their beautiful nuptials created by Suzanne Riley Celebrant; known for her care and attention to not only her couples, but also their nearest and dearest. Chris and Josie affectionately refer to her now as, ‘Aunty Suzanne’. josie-chris-wedding-19 josie-chris-wedding-20 Congratulations Chris and Josie now Mr. & Mrs. Cruse  their gorgeous children Kailem, Harloah and Lacey stole our hearts as they walked down the aisle and cuddled their teary Dad.. The bride appeared on the arm of her proud Dad Michael and everyone lost it… Tears !! So gorgeous. Kailem who is 9 presented the rings and took the mic impromptu to wish their family a happy life.. Amazing young man so much love in one space! Both families needed lots of tissues… Tears of love and joy flowed.  Styling by Cloud Nine Weddings

josie-chris-wedding-21 josie-chris-wedding-22 josie-chris-wedding-23 josie-chris-wedding-24 josie-chris-wedding-25 josie-chris-wedding-26 josie-chris-wedding-27 josie-chris-wedding-28 josie-chris-wedding-30 We wish you all the very best as you continue your journey together as two souls completing each other and supporting your family with the greatest of love!