Samantha loves Davin | Beach Couples Inspo

Matt Rowe Phtotography Samantha and Davin’s beautiful Engagement shoot held so many precious moments. Feast your eyes on some Beach Couples Inspo: Samantha and Davin 3 just hold my hand, love
lead me to heaven
under the stars
by the side of the sea,
Samantha and Davin 4 just sit by my side, love
and let our eyes say our thoughts
fingers in the sand
spell out your love for me
Samantha and Davin 5 listen to the waves, love
as they strike against the rocks
they drum out a message
of your love just for me

Samantha and Davin 6 just hold my hand tightly love
lead me to the cove
our special secret place
for all eternity
Samantha and Davin 8 just hold me in your arms, love
let my ears hear your heart
it beats strong and loud
it beats for only me Samantha and Davin 9 just gaze at the stars, love
as they twinkle in the twilight
they flash a special morse code
that sings your love for me
Samantha and Davin 1 as the shadows lengthen, love
and the sun enters the sea
your fingers in my hair
love me warm and tenderly
Samantha and Davin 2 the moon has risen high, love
your beloved face so silvery
joy shines out from within your eyes
as my lashes close langourously

just you and me love
no one else, only the warm blue sea
golden sands, swaying palms
only you and only me

Love On The Beach – Poem by Arti Chopra